Some Simple Guidance On Speedy Products Of Grass Fed Organic Whey

Last week after I long run, I used Organic Meal with my iced chai as a post-run refuel. This product is actually a meal replacement but we all know, Im not replacing ANY meals. However, it does help balance blood sugar and keep hunger away and, after an intense workout or run, the 18g protein and healthy, wholegrain carbs (from ground oats) is just right! A new product, Native Whey (I tried Chocolate Milkshake flavor), is some gooooood stuff, it starts off with quality whey that is from non-GMO, grass-fed milk that has not been contaminated with artificial growth hormones or artificial antibiotics. Its then cold-filtered to preserve nutrients, and is never exposed to the cheese-making process (and there for some ingredients you may not want) from which most other whey is sourced. Also important, it taste good really, really good! I shake it up with almond milk and recent remade my recipe for No-Bake Chocolate Protein Baklava with it. When Im not in the mood to mix things up, its always nice to reach for a bar that I can trust with my health the Macrobars from GoMacro have become my bodys new best friend. Even without reading the label, I can tell that there is no funny food science going on with these bars, just wholesome ingredients like nuts, fruits, honey. These non-GMO bars are vegan, raw, gluten-free and impeccable nutrition for the clean eater. There are11 delicious flavors, some cater more to boosting brain and body energy and others for protein replenishment and hunger management try them!

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REUTERS/Chris Helgren More By Matt Scuffham TORONTO (Reuters) - Officials from Canada and its most populous province will meet on Tuesday to bring Toronto's hot housing market to heel, under pressure from voters angry that speculators or foreigners are fueling a bubble in Canada's largest city. While no immediate action is expected from the gathering of Sousa and Toronto Mayor John Tory, the first concerted effort to Finance Minister Bill Morneau, Ontario Finance Minister Charles rein in Toronto house prices, all three are pushing for policy options to cool prices without crashing the market. Toronto prices rose 33 percent in March from a year earlier and the average price of a detached home surpassed C$1.2 million ($903,000) last month, sparking warnings from Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz last week that speculation is likely at play. Sousa and Morneau have jockeyed back and forth over who is responsible for the increasingly feverish market, and appear at odds over whether a tax on speculation or foreign investment is the best approach. "Everyone is worried: what if this is the measure that crashes the market?" said John Andrew, director of Queen's University Real Estate Roundtable. In the end, it may be voter anger that drives Sousa to act first, with the provincial Liberal government suffering in opinion polls and measures to address "affordability" already promised in his April 27 budget. "You're looking to raise your family and grow in the community and you're being outbid and grass fed organic whey outpriced by people that are just using it as a commodity," said Fred Altbaum, 34, a marketing professional struggling to buy a home with his wife and daughter. Like many others, Altbaum is calling for either a foreign buyers tax - like the one imposed in Vancouver in August - or a change to capital gains taxes to discourage investors from flipping properties. A foreign buyers tax will slow but not stop money coming from Chinese investors, said real estate broker Tony Ma, whose HomeLife Landmark Realty Inc is one of the largest brokerages in Toronto serving buyers of Chinese descent. But even Ma, who said only 5 to 8 percent of the 10,000 deals his 1,100 agents did last year involved foreign investors, thinks it is time for the government to do something about the housing bubble. "Prices have jumped too fast ... anything over a 10 (percent) increase is an overheated market.

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